Gearbox motors:

  • Electric motor designed to work in heavy duty conditions.
  • Gear and mechanical parts made from Special metal alloys.
  • Provieded with a cooling system, and thermal protections.
  • Loads up to 3500 kg, and Speeds reach to 2.5 m/sec.
  • Various suspension systems, Static loads up to 8000 kg.
  • High quality incremental encoder (optional).
  • Lifetime warranty and available spare parts.

Gearless motors:

  • Speeds up to 2.5 m/sec, Loads up to 3500 kg, Static load up to 2*4000 kg.
  • Equipped with high quality Absolute encoder.
  • Equipped with a dual brake unit with safety microswitch.
  • A manual brake hand is available (optional).
  • Complies with international specifications and certifications.
  • Lifetime warranty and available spare parts.

Hydraulic pumps:

  • Pump, cylinder, valves, and tank are manufactured for elevators.
  • Easy adjustment, Smooth movement, Energy savings.
  • Speeds up to 1m/sec, Loads up to 10,000 kg or more.
  • Suitable for low heights building or high loads purpose.
  • Lifetime warranty and available spare parts.

chain hoist:

  • The economic and simple solution for lifting heavy loads.
  • Suitable for stores, factories, and ports.
  • Customizable design options available.
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